Verizon Tops Cable in Customer-Service Study


In a survey commissioned by Verizon Communications, 40% of the telco's customers in competitive markets said they were likely to recommend the provider to friends, compared with only 31% of Cox Communications subscribers, the highest-scoring cable operator in the study.

Overall, the study, conducted by Flake-Wilkerson Market Insights, showed that Verizon scored higher in satisfaction with overall performance, quality, reliability and customer service than competitors, which also included Time Warner Cable, Cablevision Systems, Charter Communications and Comcast.

Consumers did not know for whom the survey was being taken. Consumers were queried by phone in May and were asked to rate the reputation, value, billing services, products and services, reliability and pricing of their individual provider, as opposed to being asked general questions about a service category.

The survey included markets where Verizon has rolled out its FiOS Internet and video services. According to the study, Verizon beat Comcast in every survey category in New Jersey. The other major provider there, Cablevision, was outranked by Verizon on overall performance, reputation, value and pricing. On the West Coast, the survey indicated that Verizon beat Time Warner in all areas and Comcast in all but billing and customer service.

The survey results mirrored the recent American Customer Satisfaction Index, issued by the University of Michigan, which gave Verizon high marks in satisfaction as a landline provider. The telco's FiOS Internet service was also recently named one of the best products of 2007 by PC World magazine.