Verizon Wireless Debuts Mobile TV In San Diego


Verizon Wireless launched MediaFLO USA’s FLO TV service Thursday in San Diego, the hometown of MediaFLO USA's parent company, Qualcomm.

Verizon Wireless' V CAST Mobile TV provides programming on 10 channels: CBS Mobile, Comedy Central, ESPN, FOX, MTV, two NBC channels, Nickelodeon as well as exclusive access to two channels: MTV Tr3s and ESPN Radio.

Verizon charges $13 to $25 extra per month for mobile TV packages

MediaFLO USA also has a deal with AT&T, which expects to launch its mobile TV service next month.

MediaFLO has launched service in 50 markets nationwide, using a dedicated 6-Megahertz portion of the 700-MHz band deliver video and data services.