Verizon Wireless Live TV Hits Major Markets


Verizon Wireless is now offering the eight-channel V CAST Mobile TV live television service in the United States’ biggest markets -- including New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Indianapolis -- bringing it up to 28 markets nationwide.

The wireless carrier commercially launched V CAST Mobile TV March 1 in 20 markets, which included Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Seattle, Minneapolis and Las Vegas.

The service’s eight live TV channels are CBS Mobile, ESPN, Fox Mobile, NBC 2Go, NBC News 2Go, Comedy Central, MTV and Nickelodeon. V CAST Mobile TV is available in three tiers: a “limited” package for $13 per month, with only the Fox, CBS and two NBC channels; a $15-per-month basic package with all eight channels; and a $25 monthly plan that includes the live TV plus unlimited access to the library of V CAST on-demand clips.

Qualcomm’s MediaFLO USA subsidiary delivers Verizon Wireless’ live TV service over a dedicated 6-megahertz spectrum in the 700-MHz band.

AT&T also signed on to deliver MediaFLO USA’s live TV channels, with service planned for launch in the fourth quarter this year.