Vermont to Adelphia: Keep Your Promise


Adelphia Communications Corp. has until Wednesday to explain to Vermont state
regulators why it is "commercially impracticable" to live up to plant-expansion
plans it promised in 2000.

The company promised regulators and consumers in the state that it would
build 1,200 miles of line extensions by the end of 2003.

Members of the state Public Service Board relied on company assurances that
it would expand coverage, and improve service, when the board renewed some
company franchises in 2000. That renewal docket also resolved a petition for up
to $2.2 million in fines for poor service performance.

But before local Adelphia management could act on the agreement, the
corporation declared bankruptcy.

Adelphia has asked for relief from some of its obligations. State officials
indicated that they may consider relief from some obligations, but only if
Adelphia builds the line extensions.