Viacom Makes Advanced Advertising Deal with Comcast

Cable data on subs, Freewheel technology make targeting more efficient
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Viacom and Comcast said they are teaming up on advanced advertising.

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A new long-term agreement will integrate Viacom’s targeted advertising skill and national reach with technology from Comcast’s Freewheel unit and data  on anonymized cable subscribers.

Viacom will be able to address commercials to Comcast subscribers at the household level, starting with dynamic ad insertion into video on demand content. The agreement also covers linear programming.

The deal is designed to make TV ad inventory more effective and more valuable. The new deal is part of a movement of programmers and distributors getting together to better utilize their data and technology.

Last year, Comcast and Fox Network Group began selling advertising in the video-on-demand content from Fox’s channels that is addressable at the household level through Comcast Cable. Comcast Cable already had a similar arrangement with NBCUniversal, which is part of Comcast.

Earlier this month, Comcast joined with Charter and Cox Communication to form a new advanced advertising unit at NCC Media, the rep firm they own.

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