Viewer Statistics


Top Networks Measured by Age
The top cable TV networks vary by age, with Nickelodeon the most popular with kids under 11, and Fox News Channel attracting the most in the adults 50-plus demographic. 

Men And Women
Despite narrowing tech gender gap, viewer differences persist.

Adults 50+
Misconceptions about older demo highlight research failings.

Adults 35-49
They're the most affluent TV audience; they watch more cable TV than broadcast; and they're more likely to watch video on demand programs and use other new media platforms.

Ethnic Groups
In some important respects, ethnic groups are leading the charge into digital media. The most obvious example is Asian-Americans. This group has the highest penetration for newer technologies, with 57% having broadband access.

Adults 18-34
Young adults spend more time online than in front of the television.

Under 18
The average kid now grows up in a home that receives more than 100 channels. Yet, kids in broadband Internet homes manage to spend 16 hours and 48 minutes a week on the Internet.

Adults 50+ 
The 55-to-59 demographic has the highest discretionary income, with the 50- to 54-year-olds a close second.