Viewers Choice Adds Request, TCI Execs


New York -- With Request Television closing its doors two
weeks ago, Viewer's Choice snapped up several of the late pay-per-view network's
top affiliate and marketing executives to help make transition to Viewer's Choice
easier for former Request affiliates.

As part of its restructuring effort, Viewer's Choice
has hired Request vice president of programming Debbie Barackman as its regional vice
president of affiliate relations and national accounts for the company's newly
created Rocky Mountain region. Also, Request marketing director Cathy Davidson has been
named regional marketing director for that region, said James Heyworth, president of
Viewer's Choice.

Maribel Maldonado will take over the
regional-marketing-director position in the Southeast region, after serving as
Request's mid-Atlantic and Southeast region senior director of affiliate relations.
Cindy Weinberg, former Tele-Communications Inc. special-products-marketing manager, has
been named regional marketing director of Viewer's Choice's Western region,
based in San Francisco.

The announcements were made as Request closed its doors
July 1. Heyworth said the appointments further strengthen Viewer's Choice's
affiliate relations and marketing departments, particularly since the network added some
800 former Request affiliates to its base. The PPV network is now in front of more than 27
million subscribers through some 1,700 systems.

Other new network appointments include Susan Dale,
executive director, broadcast operations, and Alisa Foreman, manager, broadcast
operations, for the Rocky Mountain region; Caroline Molchan, senior regional marketing
manager, and Keishia Lumpkin, affiliate-relations coordinator, for the Southeast region;
and Bill Jones, account representative, for the mid-Atlantic region.

Also last week, Viewer's Choice said it would launch a
new monthly product-postcard program for its affiliates beginning in October.

Each month, Viewer's Choice said, it will produce new
four-color direct-mail pieces highlighting the top movies and events premiering on PPV.
The pieces will be fully customizable for affiliates to place ordering information and
phone numbers, promote upcoming events or highlight the value of PPV.

The new-product postcards will be available to all
Viewer's Choice affiliates at a rate of 5 cents per piece, plus an $85 lot charge.
Systems can use the postcard program on a regular, monthly basis, or order the direct-mail
pieces on an intermittent basis.