Viewers Choice Internet-Site Usage Rises


New York -- Operators and pay-per-view users are accessing
the Web for PPV information in record numbers, according to Viewer's Choice.

In the seven months since Viewer's Choice launched its
two Web sites -- the industry's main Internet sources for PPV information -- both
sites have experienced dramatic growth in usage rates, more than tripling the number of
monthly hits recorded, said Joe Boyle, vice president of corporate communications for the

Nearly 1.2 million hits were recorded for the
consumer-focused "Pay-Per-View Link" Web site ( in July,
nearly doubling June's total of 523,000 hits in just one month. The more
entertainment-oriented of the network's two sites, Pay-Per-View Link -- which was
designed to heighten consumer awareness of PPV and to provide subscribers with an
important source for PPV data -- launched in December with only 424,000 hits.

Usage of the information-focused "Viewer's Choice
Affiliate Link" site ( has also tripled since its
December launch. The password-protected site -- which was designed to assist the 1,700
Viewer's Choice affiliates that have access to it in managing their PPV businesses --
recorded 41,000 hits in July. Seven months ago, at its launch, the site was receiving
slightly above 13,000 monthly hits, on average.

Boyle pointed to the growing Internet savvy of both
consumers and operators, as well as to increased awareness of the PPV category in July,
for the increased hits.

"Overall awareness of the pay-per-view category was
especially high in July ... [due to the] increased Web-marketing presence of many of our
affiliates, to the efforts of former Request [Television] systems to educate viewers about
their new Viewer's Choice lineup and to our Web-site interstitial promotions, which
began to run on our air this past month," Boyle said. "Our Web-site usage
clearly reflects this awareness, and the incremental success that both sites have shown
clearly indicates that operators and consumers alike consider this service to be a
valuable one."

Viewer's Choice updates both sites frequently,
providing affiliates with up to three months' worth of detailed programming and
marketing information and offering viewers a rolling, 45-day log of PPV programming.

In addition to channel-specific schedules, Pay-Per-View
Link also links to program providers for additional information on movies and events. A
programming search engine, a free printable programming guide and downloadable programming
clips are among the features offered on the site.

Viewer's Choice Affiliate Linkprovides instant
access to schedules; programming and marketing materials; billing and finance information;
technical and operations updates; upcoming deadline reminders; and other information for