Viewers Choice Launches Two Web Sites


New York -- In an effort to serve both affiliates and
consumers, Viewer's Choice has launched two pay-per-view World Wide Web sites
offering PPV programming and marketing information.

The network's former site, VC Interactive, was split
to provide more timely information to affiliates through Viewer's Choice Affiliate
Link (,
while offering consumers more information on upcoming PPV events through Pay-Per-View Link(, said Joe
Boyle, vice president, corporate communications for Viewer's Choice.

'This expansion of our Web presence takes us from a
little over 50 pages of online content to well over 500 pages of detailed information,
resources and materials for both our affiliates and their subscribers to access,'
Boyle said. 'We think that this growth speaks for itself in the amount and quality of
information that we're now providing online, and we're confident that systems
that use our sites will come to rely on them as some of their most important tools for
ensuring pay-per-view success.'

Viewer's Choice Affiliate Linkis designed to
assist systems in managing their PPV business, said Rebecca Kramer, manager of corporate
communications for the network. The site provides instant access to schedules, most of the
materials in the network's monthly kits, billing and finance information, technical
and operations updates, upcoming deadline reminders and more.

An 'information link' section even enables users
to receive customizable materials via e-mail on a monthly or as-needed basis. Operators
are also encouraged to try out the new bulletin board, which allows them to chat with
Viewer's Choice staff or other affiliates, Kramer said.

'We wanted to offer affiliates their own place, rather
than piling it all in one area,' Kramer said.

Pay-Per-View Link, which is more entertainment-oriented, is
designed to heighten consumer awareness of PPV and to provide subscribers with an
important source for PPV information. In addition to channel-specific schedules, the site
also links to programming providers for additional information on movies and events, Boyle

The Web site also features a programming search engine,
which allows users to identify upcoming programming that interests them, as well as a free
printable programming guide and downloadable programming clips.

Operators can use the site as a marketing tool for their
PPV channels by running the URL address on PPV spots, Boyle said.

'It's important for the industry to increase the
audience for PPV, and this gives a clear message as to what PPV has to offer,' he

Although the network did not have specific figures, Kramer
said the numbers have gone up since it launched.