Viewers Choice Sets July PPV Nevers Campaign


Hoping to continue its successful track record of converting pay-per-view nonusers, Viewer's Choice will roll out its PPV "nevers" campaign in July.

The nevers campaign will continue to offer a 99-cent PPV movie to subscribers who have not ordered a PPV movie or event in the last six months. This year's promotion, however, will provide a second movie for only $1.99, further enticing nonusers to try PPV, said Greg Rothberg, senior director of affiliate marketing for Viewer's Choice.

Viewer's Choice's nevers campaigns have traditionally helped to expand the PPV category, generating response rates of 4 percent to 6.5 percent and adding an average of $22 per new PPV user in net incremental revenue over the course of the first year, Rothberg said.

"The nevers program is a proven way for systems to grow their user base, buy-rates and revenue by targeting those customers who don't yet take advantage of the benefits of pay-per-view on a consistent basis," he said. "The accrued benefits of the campaign make it even more valuable, since those nonusers will continue to order long after the campaign is officially over."

Viewer's Choice will provide affiliates with customizable direct-mail pieces featuring the two movie offers. Subscribers can choose from a strong lineup of box-office hits including Alien Resurrection, As Good as It Gets, John Grisham's The Rainmaker, L.A. Confidential and Tomorrow Never Dies, the network said.

Participating affiliates will receive support materials including ad slicks, telemarketing scripts and bill-envelope artwork. A customer-service-representative "Mystery Caller Contest" will also be included in the campaign, the network said.