Viewers Choice Sets New Awards Program


In an effort to provide more incentive for operators to
promote pay-per-view programming, Viewer's Choice has implemented an awards program
that rewards affiliates for their marketing efforts.

The "Choice Rewards" program is a turnkey,
interactive program that enables participating systems to earn points for specific
marketing tactics and to redeem those points for merchandise, said Gregg Rothberg, senior
director of marketing for Viewer's Choice.

Affiliates that sign up to participate in the program will
be awarded points for Viewer's Choice marketing programs, for selected studio and
event promotions and for cross-channel and radio promotions. Viewer's Choice would
not reveal specific point totals.

Once affiliates earn points, they can be redeemed for more
than 1,000 merchandise materials, ranging from free registration for the CTAM Digital and
PPV Conference, to free trade-magazine subscriptions, to a large-screen TV, Rothberg said.

Operators can either keep the prizes for themselves or use
them as part of consumer sweepstakes, radio giveaway offers or internal system incentives.

"This program provides a strong incentive for
affiliates to implement marketing tactics that were designed to maximize PPV buy-rates and
revenue," Rothberg said. "We anticipate a strong, positive response to this
double-incentive opportunity."

But if history is any indication, Viewer's Choice may
have an uphill battle getting operators to participate. A similar attempt at a rewards
program by now-defunct Request Television yielded only a 50 percent sign-up rate for the
program. And of that 50 percent, only one-half actually participated in the campaign,
according to Viewer's Choice.

Nevertheless, Rothberg said, affiliates have shown
enthusiasm for the event. "Participation in the program lets affiliates reap the
revenue rewards that these tactics provide and, at the same time, be recognized for their
building efforts with great prizes," he said. "The affiliates are banking on

Systems interested in participating in the program can
enroll either via mail or online at Viewer's Choice's Web site (

Operators can also access their accounts, view their status
in the program and browse the merchandise catalog on the Web site. And Viewer's
Choice will provide an interactive voice-response system enabling operators to use the
telephone to check reward points.