Viewers Choice, Studios Team For Summer Promotion


New York -- Viewer's Choice and seven studios will
team up to develop a summerlong pay-per-view movie promotion that will reward viewers for
purchasing several films over the next two months.

The unprecedented, multistudio promotion campaign will
combine movies from such studios as Columbia/TriStar Pictures, MGM, New Line Cinema,
Paramount Pictures, Buena Vista Television and Warner Bros. under one promotional
umbrella, said Robert Bedell, senior vice president of sales and marketing for
Viewer's Choice.

Consumers who order at least four films between July 1 and
Aug. 31 will be eligible to receive the Viewer's Choice PPV "Summer of
Soundtrack" compact disc. The CD features songs from this summer's movie
soundtracks, Bedell said.

Titles that are part of the promotion include As Good as
It Gets
, Fallen, Half-Baked, John Grisham's The Rainmaker, L.A.
, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, Scream 2,
Spice World
, Starship Troopers, Tomorrow Never Dies and Wag the Dog.

Bedell said more than 260 affiliates representing 16
million addressable households -- which he termed a record -- will participate in the

The promotion effectively eliminates the glut of individual
movie promotions for top summer movies. Last year, operators had a difficult time
budgeting and scheduling ad time for at least a half-dozen promotions between June and

"The campaign gives us a unified promotion where we
can focus on one promotion during the summer," Bedell said. "We have a two-month
period where there are no conflicting movie promotions that operators have to choose

Viewer's Choice and the studios will support the
promotion with multititle promotional video and radio spots, as well as ads and flyer
slicks, Bedell said. The promotion will also allow operators to develop local ad-sales
opportunities and retail promotional partnerships.

Finally, Viewer's Choice will award more than $100,000
in co-op funds to eligible PPV co-ops and the dominant systems within their DMA.

"The campaign is a terrific example of how, by
combining our assets as studios, we can offer consumers a substantial added-value premium
-- in this case, an exclusive CD," said Christine Williams, director of PPV sales for
Warner Bros. Domestic Pay-TV, Cable and Network Features. "At the same time, it fully
recognizes the significance of PPV as a revenue stream for each of the movie

Holly Leff-Pressman, vice president of pay television for
Universal Studios, said multistudio promotions such as "Sounds of Summer" also
help studios to promote their titles. "When there are opportunities to do
[co-promotions], you create promotional advantages within the marketplace,"
Leff-Pressman said. "It also helps PPV because it provides a consistent and cohesive
message about upcoming movies."