Viewers Enthusiastic For 'Curb's Seventh Season Finale

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It certainly didn't approach the Seinfeld finale, but the seventh-season concluder of Curb Your Enthusiasm, which featured a reunion show of sorts from the cast of the classic sitcom, scored well for HBO Sunday night.
Entitled "Seinfeld," the installment delivered 1.33 million viewers during its premiere at 9 p.m. on Nov. 22, according to Nielsen data. That was the most viewers for a season finale for the Larry David show in over five years, according to HBO officials, and represented a 24% increase over the 1.08 million who watched the sixth-season finale.
The encore at 10 p.m. was viewed by another 716,000 watchers, pushing the combined total past 2 million.
Over the course of its just completed season, Curb Your Enthusiasm averaged a gross audience of 5.1 million viewers -- linear airings, DVR and HBO On Demand -- per episode, up 36% from last season.

For the record, the Seinfeld finale reached 76.3 million viewers on May 14, 1998.
It was unclear when or if David, who co-created the famous NBC series with Jerry Seinfeld, would produce another Curb season -- not only did the episode bring the Seinfeld world forward, it finished with David reconciling with his series wife Cheryl (Cheryl Hines), although their celebratory kiss is interrupted by his obsession with a stain left on a table by a coffee cup.
Generally, David allows much time to pass before deciding whether he wants to engage with the creative process. To that end, the sixth season of the show finished on Nov. 11, 2007.
Should another season of Curb materialize, both TV Guide Network and TV Land, which jointly gained the cable rights to the series, would be able to screen the eighth campaign. TV Network begins its run of the 70 episodes of Curb in February, with TV Land stepping in after that run is completed.