Viewing Quality Key to Streaming Video

Interruptions, Bad Picture Can Cost OTT Subs

A survey of web video users found that quality of playback experience was a key to retaining potential subscribers to the growing number of over-the-top streaming services.

Consumers can be pretty unforgiving when their viewing is interrupted by buffering or other streaming glitches, according to video analytics and optimization company Conviva.

Conviva conducted its survey during the fall and asked consumers what their response is when they view a stream with poor picture quality and 17% said they would give up immediately, while 59% said they’d wait for a short while. If a stream has excessive interruptions, 25% said they’d give up immediately, while 59% said they would be somewhat patient.

Having had a poor experience, one in five viewers will never return to that service. Just one in 10 will return regardless of the quality of service. On the other hand more than 90% of those surveyed return to services that deliver a superior experience.

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