Viggle Tips Off More NBA Playoff Check-Ins

Second-Screen Specialist Amps Up Rewards Program as Round Two Approaches

Viggle, a company that has developed a second-screen platform that offers rewards for watching TV shows, is offering members more  chances to win bonus points and product discounts during the 2013 National Basketball Association (NBA) playoffs.

Viggle members who check into select featured games will be eligible for Viggle bonus points as well as discounts at The next eligible check-in game is Saturday night’s game seven tilt between the Brooklyn Nets and the Chicago Bulls. Games featuring the Viggle check-in bonus component won’t be revealed until the day of the tip-off.  

As part of Viggle’s broader NBA Playoff Quest campaign, users must check the “What’s On” section of the Viggle app. Members who checked into at least five of the eight selected Quest games receive Viggle bonus points and 10% discounts on orders of $50 or more at  

Viggle’s audio verification technology recognizes shows on TV and enables members to check into live and DVR-recorded TV content from more than 170 broadcast and cable channels. It ended 2012 with 1.62 million registered users, with 746,899 of those considered active, meaning that they earned points within the preceding 90 days.

The company, which awards items such as Starbucks and Foot Locker gift cards, tried to buy GetGlu last fall for up to $59 million in cash and stock, but the deal fell through after Viggle failed to raise convertible debt financing to fund the acquisition.