Virgin Media Expands TiVo/Netflix Mix

All 1.8 Million Of MSO's TiVo Have Access to Netflix App On MSO-Leased Boxes

Following a trial involving about 40,000 subscribers, Virgin Media, the U.K.’s largest cable operator, has made the Netflix app available to all 1.8 million customers who take the MSO’s TiVo-powered service option.

The integration, which puts Netflix on MSO-leased boxes, will give customers a way to access Netflix’s library, which now includes original series such as House of Cards, Hemlock Grove, and Orange is the New Black, without changing inputs or toggling to another device.

To juice the rollout, Virgin Media is also offering new and existing subs a six-month gift subscription to Netflix if they sign up for the MSO’s Premiere or VIP Collections packages. Virgin Media TiVo subs on other packages are in line to get a one-month free trial of Netflix, the MSO said.

Virgin Media, now part of Liberty Global, said Netflix will complement its own video-on-demand service, which offers more than 6,000 hours of content.

“With the addition of our Netflix app, Virgin Media customers have an unbeatable line-up of movies and TV series to choose from. Whether it’s part of a subscription or pay-per-view, Virgin Media TiVo will help you find everything from the classic gem you’ve always wanted to watch to this summer’s biggest hits, all seamlessly integrated for simple, easy viewing,”  said Virgin Media COO Dana Strong, in a release.

“By partnering with Virgin Media we’re bringing an amazing Netflix experience to millions of TV fans and movie lovers,” added Bill Holmes, global head of business development at Netflix.

Com Hem of Sweden is expected to offer Netflix on TiVo-powered boxes in Sweden starting in December. Danish triple-play service operator Waoo! has also completed an integration that will bring the Netflix app to AirTies-made boxes that run middleware from Nordija.

In the U.S., Google Fiber has integrated a Netflix player with the TV Box it is deploying in Kansas City. Netflix is also in talks with other U.S. operators, including Comcast and Suddenlink Communications and RCN, about offering its streaming service on leased devices.