Virgin Media: One-Fifth Of TV Is Time-Shifted

Study Cites Data From 2.3 Million TiVo-Powered Set-Tops
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Roughly a fifth of all TV is now viewed in a time-shifted manner – either from the DVR or via video-on-demand, Virgin Media revealed in a study based on data from more than 2.3 million Virgin Media set-tops powered by TiVo’s software platform.

The same study, which also included an online survey of about 2,000 people conducted by OnePoll in September 2014, found that almost half (43%) of viewers “mostly” watch time-shifted TV, while 20% watch live TV jut for “must-see moments.” About 30% watch live TV predominantly, Virgin Media said, noting that its customers watch more than 1 billion shows via VOD each year.

The TiVo set-top data also showed that recorded TV series and one-off shows are typically watched within 14 days after the original broadcast, while movies are often kept for longer.

Virgin Media, the U.K.-based MSO that is now part of Liberty Global, attributed the trend toward time-shifting to a boom in series stacking and the availability of entire Box Sets via VOD, all which contribute to binge-viewing. According to the study, one-in-ten customers said they dedicate all their viewing time to a single series, while 40% switch between different series based on mood.

The study also looked at mobile device viewing, finding that 34% of people used second screens while watching TV, with 78% using those devices to check and update their social networks.

Social media recommendations are also having an effect, giving rise to a surge in “reflex recording.”  Virgin Media said online buzz for two shows -- The Great British Bake Off and Dynamo – generated the biggest surge in consumers setting up automatic recordings for entire series on the MSO’s TiVo platform.