Virtual MVPDs Couldn’t Live Stream Golden Globes

NBC doesn’t have streaming rights to annual awards show (Updated)
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Subscribers to virtual MVPDs such as Sling TV, DirecTV Now and PlayStation Vue were surprised (and angry) to learn that they were blacked out from viewing the live stream of NBC’s coverage of the Golden Globes.

Among them, Sling TV used Twitter to tell upset subs that a rights issue prevented the OTT service from distributing the live stream of the annual awards show.

@hawkeyeview Regrettably we did not have the rights to air the Golden Globes. *BL

— Sling Answers (@slinganswers) January 9, 2017

@Katieschluter Katie, Sling TV did not get the rights to broadcast the Golden Globe Awards. Due to a decision of the content owner. LL

— Sling Answers (@slinganswers) January 9, 2017

Update: NBC confirmed that it does not have (and has never had) the streaming rights for the Golden Globes, but that it is something the network is actively working on and hopes to have in the near future. 

But the lack of the live stream was still a surprise to many subscribers of OTT-TV providers (PS Vue, DirecTV Now and those who take Sling TV’s “Blue” pay TV package have access to local NBC feeds in select owned and operated markets), as well as to authenticated pay TV subs who were trying to access a live stream of the Golden Globes at, The Verge noted.