ViXS Hits Video-Delivery Market


After operating in a stealth mode for 18 months, ViXS Systems Inc. has made
its debut, offering a new take on the problem of moving around Internet-protocol
video in a home network.

The Toronto-based start-up is hitting the market with a processor and related
software to distribute broadcast-quality video around wired or wireless home
networks at a constant guaranteed 30 frames per second.

Moving IP Moving Pictures Expert Group video files between devices is not
easy, particularly in popular wireless 802.11 networks, due to network
congestion and the technology's distance limitations -- the further away from
the central router a device is, the less bandwidth is available.

Early video-sharing products cope with these bandwidth restrictions by
slowing the video frame rate or pausing altogether.

In contrast, ViXS' 'Xcode' processor and related software deals with the
problem by maintaining frame rate at 30 frames per second and instead adjusting
the bit rate, resolution and MPEG compression.

The system can adjust multiple video streams to fit the available bandwidth
and deliver it with digital rights-management security attached to devices
ranging from personal digital assistants to televisions and computer monitors,
according to the company.

'We believe there has been a lot bandied about with respect to QOS [quality
of service] and what that means, and we think that in many ways, the industry
has taken the wrong direction in defining QOS for video,' ViXS senior vice
president of interactive technology Roy Stewart said. 'We believe video QOS is
defined as 30 frames per second.'