VOD With Advertisements: That’s RipeTV


Touting itself as a model for future television networks, a new free video-on-demand service featuring embedded advertising is set to launch this September.

The Los Angeles-based service, RipeTV, will feature several exclusive “video magazines” targeted to young male viewers. Topics range from extreme sports and music to specials featuring bikini clad models, said network president Patrick Bradley. The network will offer about 10 hours of programming a week, with approximately 25% refreshed weekly.

Overall, the network will provide more than 400 hours of content, with individual shows averaging between eight and 22 minutes in length, to appeal to time-conscious consumers.

RipeTV CEO Ryan Magnussen, who along with Bradley founded dot-com development company Zentropy in the late 1990s, said the service will target 18-to-34-year-old men, an audience that tends to be receptive to new technologies and is highly valued by advertisers.

Programming categories to be offered include Most Beautiful, which highlights beautiful women in a variety of settings; Ripe Local, featuring topical news and entertainment for men; LOL: Laugh Out Loud, featuring short films and gags; Real Lives, in which real people are caught in revealing moments; and Mean Streets, a motor sports series.

Bradley said RipeTV will feature “immersive advertising” technology, in which sponsor logos, images and messages are included within the various shows.

Formats include animated segment openings; graphic banners placed in the lower third and left-hand side of the program that’s playing; long-form commercial/entertainment spots; and frames featuring the sponsor’s brand that wrap around a show.

“The days of mass-market TV advertising are coming to an end,” Bradley said. “Immersive advertising has the power of spot TV, but it’s fast-forward-proof, and viewers will see and retain the advertiser’s brand.”

The network has yet to sign up any marquee advertisers.

Bradley said RipeTV has secured a distribution deal with an undisclosed top-10 MSO and is in negotiations with other distributors. He also called the network’s VOD approach in tune with the strategies of some MSOs, which want to launch new on-demand services rather than linear networks.

“We never aspire to be a linear network,” he added.

The network also plans to offer its services via the Internet, cellular phones, game consoles and wireless technology.

While RipeTV is targeted to a male audience, the company next year plans to launch other VOD networks targeting Hispanics, women and teens.