VOD Rides the Broadbus


Another company is throwing its hat into the video-on-demand server ring.

Broadbus Technologies Inc. has built a random-access-memory-based storage
system that the company believes is superior to today's VOD servers, according
to executive vice president of sales and marketing Sean Rooney.

Rooney said one seven-foot rack server from Broadbus can handle up to 40,000
simultaneous video streams.

Under the Broadbus system, on-demand content is streamed directly from RAM
memory, which is a more efficient setup as more and more content is loaded onto
servers, Rooney said. 'It's not attractive to keep adding racks and racks of
hard drives,' he added.

Broadbus has signed a deal with Starz On Demand to distribute
subscription-VOD content.

Rooney said Broadbus has talked with most of the top eight MSOs, and it plans
to have several trials launched later this year.

He added that the company has talked with set-top manufacturers, middleware
providers and billing systems about integration work.