VOD Stunt Has Viewers Trying on USA's 'Suits'

Some 6 Million Episodes Watched During Holiday Binge-A-Thon
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Viewers have been binging since Thanksgiving Day on Suits, and USA Network is hoping they'll still be hungry when the second half of the series second season starts Jan. 17.

Working with nearly all of its distribution partners, USA arranged to have all 22 already-aired episodes of Suits available for free on video on demand. They've also been available for streaming at USAnetwork.com and on Hulu.

The object of enabling such a binge-a-thon is to give viewers a second chance to get hooked on the serialized lawyer drama from the beginning and, as of last week, more than six million episodes have been viewed.

"In terms of sheer sampling, this has been a runaway success for us," said Alexandra Shapiro, executive vice president for marketing at USA. "That's a massive number. Let's just say we convert 20% of those people now to come back and watch us [when new episodes resume.] That would be for us a huge success."

She adds that USA's strategy appears to be working because viewers seem to be watching older episodes first, with 57% of the content consumed coming from season one and the remaining 43% coming from season two. About 62% of the viewing was via VOD, with 38% coming via streaming.

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