Volicon Wants To Help Cable Operators Stay CALM

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Volicon has integrated real-time loudness monitoring capabilities into its Observer video monitoring and logging system, to let operators comply with regulations mandating that TV commercials aren't too loud.

Version 6.0 of the Observer Remote Program Monitor (RPM) and MPEG Transport Stream (TS) systems offer loudness monitoring tools that help cable operators to maintain compliance with the U.S.'s Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation (CALM) Act, which regulates the loudness of commercials on broadcast and cable TV. Volicon also cited the similar European Broadcast Union's P/LOUD R 128 specification regulating the loudness of commercials.

The CALM bill was signed into law on Dec. 15, 2010, and the FCC was given a year to complete the rulemaking to implement the measure. The cable industry has objected to the agency's proposed rules as being unfeasible, given the large number of ads MSOs insert into programming.

Volicon's Observer provides an on-screen record indication of both loudness and loudness range measurements, providing a comparison of ad loudness with surrounding content.

"Given the growth in local advertising, it is critical that cable operators can perform local ad insertion while maintaining compliance with loudness regulations, and increasing subscriber satisfaction," Volicon vice president of product management Andrew Sachs said.

Burlington, Mass.-based Volicon sells an automated multichannel video content logging and monitoring system for compliance, media analysis, content repurposing, and quality of service.