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It’s Not Your Father’s Ma Bell

“A DirecTV [AT&T] deal also comes with complications, namely News Corp.’s plan to sell its 39% stake to John Malone, who has experience with AT&T, having sold it his cable company, TCI. Some may suggest that the prior relationship would sour a deal, but who knows. After all, it is a 'new AT&T.”

Matthew Wurtzel, Dealscape http://dealscape.thedealblogs.com

A Force That Can’t Be Denied

“If media moguls know one thing about cable billionaire John Malone, it’s that he usually gets what he wants.”

Ronald Grover, Business Weekhttp://www.businessweek.com

More Than Just A Passing Asset

“DirecTV is a place where Malone may be for the long-term, and he may prove to be an activist owner.”

Andrew Baker, Cathay Financial analyst, The Street.com http://www.thestreet.com

A Tough Job for The Tax Consultant

“It’s not true that he [Malone] told me that I’d be fired if Liberty paid any taxes, but why risk it?”

Greg Maffei, Liberty Media president, in the Denver Business Journal

A 'Pure Play,’ And Then Some

“What does Malone see in DirecTV that others do not? ... DirecTV could become a 'pure play,’ in Wall Street parlance, in the TV business in a rapidly fragmenting media marketplace. It is thus easy to see what Malone sees. Except that Malone probably sees a whole lot more.”

Bill Gloede, Mediaweek

Defining the Competition

“The video side seems to be favoring satellite at the moment. I think that’s primarily driven by more choice in high definition, which is clearly an edge at the moment in virtually all markets.”

John Malone, Liberty Media chairman, in The Denver Post

A Nice Guy; Doesn’t Say Much

“Malone is pleasant. He’s not misanthropic, he’s not unfriendly — he just doesn’t believe in talking to the media.”

Dade Hayes and John Dempsey, Variety, http://variety.com/