Volume Control


Price Deflation

“While it was not a dot-com company, it benefited from the bubble — thanks partially to its Internet presence — so at the time of its launch, the network was reportedly worth $1 billion, but when the bubble burst, so did Oxygen’s valuation.”

Matthew Wurtzel, Dealscapehttp://dealscape.thedealblogs.com

It Takes a Cable Network

“NBC already owns iVillage, one of the largest women-oriented content and advertising sites online, which NBC bought last year for $600 million. The female online demographic online has become one of the more sexy lately, boasting high growth rates. As viewers move online, Oxygen should stand to benefit from the relationship with iVillage.”

Matt Marshall, VentureBeathttp://venturebeat.com

Harder to Breathe

“With a little work, Oxygen could be the catalyst that funnels both companies’ growth aspirations into one cross-platform network. Or, it could also turn into a disjointed and off-putting experience for current users of each respective property. We’ll see after the deal finishes in November.”

Terrence Russell, Wiredhttp://blog.wired.com

Queen of One Medium

“The fact that I’m describing it as, yes, a 'cable-TV channel’ speaks to Oxygen’s failure. Conceived in 2000 as a multimedia empire that would bridge the Web and TV, Oxygen failed to thrive in either medium.”

Owen Thomas, Valleywaghttp://valleywag.com

Domino Effect

“The NBC umbrella already iVillage, but there’s no word on whether or not the two will be integrated in any way. Whatever the case may be, we’re seeing a surge of traditional media companies taking on a lot of acquisitions with many of their pre dot-com buys off to the graveyard and new communities that have yet to be smartly integrated into the larger picture. I’m anxious to see how NBC, CBS and the rest will be lining all of this up for advertising and content distribution purposes, such as pushing mobile content through providers like Verizon.”

Kristen Nicole, Mashablehttp://mashable.com