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Food for Thought

“There’s a cautionary lesson here: Next time you’re about to grant lifetime proxy power over your stake in a $7 billion company to some dude, think real hard about it first.”

Jeff Bercovici “Mixed Media” Condé Nast Portfolio http://www.portfolio.com

Role Reversal

“Why does Diller, a 65-year-old who enjoys his yacht and parties he throws with his hostess, fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg, even pretend to run these businesses? He should not be the plucky entrepreneur fighting off the evil corporate raider. Diller is on the wrong side of that eternal conflict. He has certain skills and the temperament, just none suited to a managerial role. The detached and machinating capitalist played in the current struggle by John Malone? That should be Diller himself.”

Nick Denton, Gawker.com http://gawker.com

Vocal Indignation

“The battle over IAC rages on, with Liberty Media chief and IAC shareholder John Malone refusing to let Barry Diller split the company into five units, and stripping Malone of power. … Naturally, both parties find themselves in the right, though sticking to character, Diller is getting more boisterous about it. Queen.”

David Hauslaib, Jossip.com www.jossip.com

Bargain Hunter

Business Week suggests Malone’s Machiavellian maneuvering has less to do with his concern for shareholders and more to do with the fact that he is trying to get a cut-rate deal for the Home Shopping Network, so that he may merge it with Liberty’s QVC. But is their highly public battle only going to scorch the earth?”

Daily Intelligencer blog New York magazine http://nymag.com

Strange Bedfellows

“Now, most CEOs would prefer not to comment on pending litigation or say something bland like they hope the dispute can be resolved amicably. That’s not the Diller way. … Malone, who is no wallflower either, told the [Wall Street] Journal that their relationship was 'uncomfortable for Barry.’ Talk about an understatement.”

Jonathan Berr BloggingStocks www.bloggingstocks.com