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Competing Interests Could Spell Disaster

“As I said before, this is a disaster waiting to happen. Sprint and Clearwire need the deal to try to salvage the billions they've already sunk into their money-losing WiMax networks. But putting more cooks into the kitchen with different WiMax aspirations is not going to help. Google wants more wireless broadband alternatives for its planned mobile apps and advertising. Whereas cable wants a way to compete against mobile phone operators encroaching on their turf.”

Erick Schonfeld, TechCrunch http://www.techcrunch.com

Beware the Wrath Of the Baby Bells

“If there's anything about AT&T and Verizon we've learned through the spectrum ordeal was don't piss off these guys.”

Daniel Langendorf, Last100.com http://www.last100.com

Expanding WiMax or Neutering Google?

“After seeing Google break my poor little heart in the 700 MHz auction after I was so utterly convinced they would bid to win, I am definitely reserving judgment here. Because while I keep hoping that this is all part of Google acting to alter the wireless world by making it more open, I cannot overlook the possibility that this is the world of giant corporate incumbents altering Google to be less of a threat.”

Harold Feld, Wetmachine.com http://www.wetmachine.com

Brand Equity May Be Lacking

“We're not certain why Big Cable is so eager to dump money on Sprint after two previous ventures folded, but if this goes down, it's a big boost for WiMax, which was looking pretty sickly lately. Still, asking consumers to have faith in Sprint and Comcast and Time Warner Cable is pretty ballsy — between the three of them, they've probably burned everyone in America.”

Nilay Patel, Engadget http://www.engadget.com