Volume Control


"Thanks to the technology of highly advanced video-production equipment behind the scenes at every newsroom on the dial, we can remain at a state of perpetual alertness, like being in a never-ending parade of police cars, ambulances and fire trucks all blaring and blinking at full tilt, all day, every day. Exploding logos and waving American flags: the lights. Swooshing, explosions and electric guitar riffs: the sirens, horns and buzzers, warning of us…of…impending danger? Nay, of impending silence and solitude, and perhaps the moment alone to enjoy the beauty and joy of personal thought."

Bill Voigt, Oak Brook, Ill., http://technicallythinking.blogspot.com/2005/11/sensory-overload.html

Seeking Payback, Part I

“The Internet can’t be free in that sense, because we and the cable companies have made an investment, and for Google or Yahoo! or Vonage or anybody to expect to use these pipes [for] free is nuts!”

Ed Whitacre, SBC Communications Inc. CEO, in Business Week http://www.businessweek.com/@@n34h*IUQu7KtOwgA/magazine/content/05_45/b3958092.htm

Seeking Payback, Part II

“The threat to our ability to surf beyond the confines of content they approve — and profit from — looms large. [Broadband pipe builders] have waited for years for a return on their investment in fiber and cable infrastructure. They now want payback, at the expense of consumer choice.”

Timothy Karr, Mediacitizen http://mediacitizen.blogspot.com/2005/11/all-your-broadband-are-belong-to-us.html

A Cycle of Mutual Virtue

“On the flip side, I have heard a few Bell reps acknowledge the potential to create a mutually virtuous cycle between Internet access providers and Internet application providers … This gives me hope. I trust that this is not just transitory rhetoric designed to get us to help them out from under regulatory oversight. I, for one, believe there is a model whereby the proliferation of applications, on the Internet, including voice and other communications applications, could help increase the value of the Bell broadband networks.”

Jeff Pulver, The Jeff Pulver Blog http://pulverblog.pulver.com/archives/003268.html

Pulled Apart by the Web

“[Internet-service] providers may be in a position to block access to programming of which they don’t approve. This country already seems to be stratifying into separate segments that aren’t interested in hearing other points of view or engaging in debate. If the new “broadcast” media content is controlled to eliminate some points of view or subjects, it may result in a less-informed public. And I find that prospect to be discouraging.’’

Alfred Poor, Alfred Poor’s HDTV Resource Center http://hdtvprofessor.com/HDTVAlmanac/?p=28

Wither the Quadruple Play

“Marketing fluff, profit-sharing, or really the ultimate in convergence?”

Dave Zatz, ZatsNotFunny.com, on Sprint’s 20-year deal with four major cable operators to offer mobile phone service, allowing them to offer video, data, wireless and landline phone service. http://www.zatznotfunny.com/2005-11/quadruple-play-cell-based-pvr/