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Not Done Dishing It Out

“EchoStar found a willing recipient for their absurd Dish City Makeover promotion, which launched in August. In exchange for selling out, all 125 residents of Dish, Texas, (formerly Clark) will receive 10 years of Dish Network programming. While this promotion officially ended Nov. 1, it appears EchoStar is willing to take on other cities. So if your town has no pride and you dig free satellite TV, you can ring them up at CityMakeover@dishnetwork.com.”

Dave Zatz, Zatz Not Funny http://www.zatznotfunny.com/2005-11/town-renames-itself-dish/

When Good Enough’s Enough

“TiVo required me to have a separate cable box so I could record on the TiVo and watch high-definition content. The Comcast DVR has two tuners and a 120GB hard drive. I can replace two pieces of equipment with one and save about $25 a month. And sadly, I’ll be doing just that. Good enough rules the day at this point.”

Chris Gervais Boston Ramblebot http://homepage.mac.com/cgervais/blog/C1212296307/E20051116112945/index.html

Xbox Killed the Set-Top Star

“This is a huge, huge deal. It in essence reflects the cable industry’s recognition that PCs, and even more importantly mobile devices such as the Xbox, are siphoning viewers away from the TV set, to the detriment of cable operators.”

Cynthia Brumfield, IP & Democracy, on Microsoft’s agreement with CableLabs which will allow the software giant and PC manufacturers to market high-definition, cable-ready PCs. http://www.ipdemocracy.com/archives/2005/11/16/index.php#000789

Blame Canada

“And there we see the FCC’s essential hypocrisy and perhaps the real reason for the slow-down in fines: They got rid of [Howard] Stern. Their work is done. But, of course, I fear that the FCC will get jealous of Canada, where the government also regulates speech on satellite — and where, in fear of government action, Sirius’ franchisees will not air Stern. I fear the FCC will try to follow course, even if it is unconstitutional in this country.”

Jeff Jarvis, BuzzMachine, on a lack in FCC fines for indecency in 2005. http://www.buzzmachine.com/index.php/2005/11/16/the-fcc-losing-its-balls/