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No HD Judge Shows, Please

“First, Time Warner Cable sued DirecTV over its television ads promoting the satellite provider’s alleged HD superiority over cable HD. Then Comcast came out with a third-party study showing that consumers in some unspecified area preferred Comcast’s high-def picture quality to that of both DirecTV and Dish. Now DirecTV is suing Comcast … Ugh. Would it be too much to ask that all these companies just launch as many high-quality HD channels as quickly as possible and forget about the litigation? Yeah, I suppose it would …”

Mark Kersey, 1080Eyes.com

C Is for Compression

“I’ve heard people argue that standard-definition reception from an old backyard C-band dish is still better than today’s highly-compressed HD available from direct-to-home services in the U.S.”

Rocco Fanucci, Really Rocket Sciencehttp://blog.reallyrocketscience.com/

Don’t Forget the Channels

“My advice is to spend a little less on a TV and put the money toward HDTV services. Then it will look fantastic.”

Van Baker, Gartner Inc., in the Los Angeles Times

Shout It from the Mountain

“I’d like to thank Jefferson County Commissioners for saving metro Denver TV viewers millions of dollars. After six years of questionable debate, the Lookout Mountain HDTV tower providing 'free’ over-the-air HDTV is a reality. The commissioners’ rezoning approval will save us all $70-plus a month (in cable and satellite HDTV charges).”

Richard Schneider, Arvada, Colo., letter to the Rocky Mountain News (Denver)

A Confusing Picture

“There’s so much confusion out there, the industry has just done a bad job telling people what HDTV is and how you get it. The big caution I would give people is to make sure they do their research and don’t rely on hearsay about how they get HDTV service.”

Dan Johnson, Grand Rapids, Mich., in the Grand Rapids Press

High-Definition, Low-Tech

“Remember the good ole days when TV’s all had rabbit ears and we geek kids were the TV remote for dad? At least one thing hasn’t changed. The need for a good set of rabbit ears for our nice new HDTVs. Even if you have HD content from DirecTV or Comcast. Lord knows Comcast never has service issues, riiiighttt.”

George Starger, Friends in Techhttp://www.friendsintech.com/index.php/archives/149