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What Cisco Brings to the Box

“Those [Internet access] technologies, combined with Scientific-Atlanta's expertise, could help Cisco exploit the conversion of video into the format used on the Internet. That evolution can make today's cable systems more efficient, as well as bypass such video-only networks to allow the delivery of programming over the Internet.”

Martino Mingione, Reinvent TV http://www.reinventtv.com/archives/2005/11/chambers_we_alm.html

This App's a Real Killer

“If you're looking for another sign of Skype's demise, check out Skype Killer [software], which lets IT administrators quickly eradicate Skype from their networks. When this market becomes a growth industry, it's lights-out Skype!”

Mark Evans
blog, http://evans.blogware.com/

iPod Killed the Hardcover Star

“My cable service comes with a DVR box, which I've used a couple of times to record different programs, but even then I'm faced with the problem of finding an hour or two to sit in my living room and watch whatever I've recorded. However, I spend about 40 minutes each day riding the bus to and from work — time I usually spend reading, but I could easily spend it watching something on my iPod if I owned one. Which I probably will fairly soon if I can watch the 6 a.m. SportsCenter on my way to work.”

Peter Rieke, peterrieke.com, on TiVo's plan to allow its DVR owners to transfer programs to iPods. http://peterrieke.com/?p=21

PBS: You're History

Brooke Gladstone: With the availability of arts programming on cable, the availability of science programming, children's programming, it's fair to say cable is eating [PBS's] lunch.

Karen Everhart: Yes, it is. But the thing is that PBS has really high standards of quality programs. And viewers really do recognize the difference between a PBS documentary and something that they find on the History Channel.

Co-hostBrooke GladstoneinterviewingKaren Everhart, senior editor of Current, a publication about public TV and radio, in the Nov. 18 On the Media podcast, produced by WNYC: New York Public Radio http://www.onthemedia.org/