Volume Control


Price Is Right

“Worse still for rental chains, the price is right at $4 a pop [for a video-on-demand title] and you don’t even have to waste gas money to take the sucker back.”

Matt Buchanan, on the Comcast trialwww.gizmodo.com/gadgets

Profit Motive

“One issue that concerns the studios is the possibility that earlier availability of VOD release could reduce DVD sales, which are more profitable than …rental. But … in a world in which 50% of DVD rentals shifted to VOD, the studios would have to lose more than 10% of their DVD sales before they would offset the added profits from increased VOD rentals.”

DVD Hardware, regarding last week’s Bernstein Research report on VOD’s potentialwww.dvdhardware.co.uk

Shifts Happen

“ 'Bubble’ didn’t rock the world; it didn’t have to. Paradigm shifts happen slowly and the day-and-date model is just one promising survival strategy being tried out by independents.”

Greenpagan, referring to a Steven Soderbergh movie released at the same time to cable, on DVD and in theaters, posted Jan. 21. www.greenpagan.blogspot.com

Evolutionary Move

“[T]he logic of titles on VOD rather than being mailed all over the country is as obvious as setting up a DVD-by-mail model to monetize catalog films. It is all part of the evolution that was inevitable.”

Rick Hanley, Barron’s OnlineBlogs.barrons.com

Adding It Up

“While day-and-date movies on VOD helps the cable operators sell digital boxes, we find it very hard to believe that this is additive to movie studio profitability.”

Richard Greenfield, Pali Research, in the New York Post

Coming Attractions

“You’ll see movie theaters 50 years from now. I don’t think you can say the same for Blockbuster stores.”

Matthew Harrigan, Janco Partners, commenting in CNNMoney.com

Things Wear Out

“All things pass. Soon. If you don’t believe it, try watching that videotape you made of the Bears Super Bowl victory in 1986. When we did, it was a murky mess. And then the tape snapped.’’

Chicago Tribune