Volume Control


Better Costs More

“Price adjustments reflect the increased value of the service, new product enhancements and investments to continually improve the quality of our network and customer service.”

Jenni Moyer, Comcast senior director of public relations, in The Patriot Ledger (Quincy, Mass.).

Payment Comes at a Price

“RCN, the cable, Internet, and phone supplier, in late May began charging its customers $2.95 if they use the company's automated telephone system to charge a bill. The fee increases to $4.95 if a customer calls an RCN customer service representative and pays by credit card … RCN isn't alone in charging fees for some payment options. DirecTV doesn't charge anything for customers who use the company's automated phone system to pay by credit card, but the satellite TV company assesses a $5 fee if customers pay with plastic using a customer service representative.”

Bruce Mohl, The Boston Globe

Honing the Technique

“We need to get better at all these merchandising techniques we talked about before, and then, customer service. And I think that if we can make our customer service really, really good that will be a competitive advantage.”

Glenn Britt, Time Warner Cable chairman and CEO, speaking at a Bear Stearns & Co. conference.

Speaking the Local Language

“If you're a statewide franchising authority, providing Russian-speaking personnel is not at the top of your list.”

Helen Goss, West Hollywood, Calif., cable franchise director, on a proposed California statewide franchise bill in the Los Angeles Times. West Hollywood forces Adelphia to provide customer service reps fluent in Russian to its residents, 12% of whom are Russian immigrants.

One-Stop Griping

“The idea of a one-price trio is to reduce the total cost by offering all telecommunications services from one company, on one bill, letting consumers use a single customer-service center for problems and requests.”

Jeffrey Kelley, Richmond Times-Dispatch (Va.)

The Stars Must Align

“With the growth of social media and consumer-generated content, it has become easier for customers to take their customer-service complaints to a much wider audience. Yet I have not seen a single company make an effort to align customer service and communications. … Customer service, after all, is public relations.''

Shel Holtz
Concord, Calif. Blog.holtz.com