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Chernin’s Simple Life

“We are a pretty simple company. We are trying to make content and then we want to be able to get it into viewers’ homes ... without gatekeepers, without intermediaries.’’

Peter Chernin, chief operating officer, News Corp., www.reinventtv.com

Battle of the Bad

“The iPod/iTunes experience is amazingly simple and intuitive, and what we are going to see coming out in this battle for the living room will likely involve the best user interface designs in the world, as opposed to the bad, bad, bad stuff that monopolistic cable companies develop.’’

Stowe Boyd, president and chief operating officer, Corante, www.corante.com/getreal

Ma Bell’s Kids Come Home

“The remaining “Baby Bells” will grow up and hold a virtual “family reunion” of sorts, which will, in effect, establish “Walled Gardens” in their collective broadband product offerings.’’

Jeff Pulver, pulverblog.pulver.com

Let Freedom Tech Ring

“What’s stopping the “broadband revolution” from truly happening is the stranglehold the last-mile carriers have on consumer choice. Look for Wifi, WiMax and other freedom technologies to solve this problem.”

Ted Wallingford, voip.weblogs.inc.com

A Tarnished Reputation

“The last point to make here is the example of Bob Woodward. There is perhaps no reporter in the world with the reputation Woodward has. Yet it is unlikely that he convinced anyone at all that he was serving the public or his profession by choosing not to reveal what he knew about a central Washington story several months running or allowing that he knew anything deciding that for him 'job number one’ was protecting his sources.’’

Paul Bushmiller, Atomized Junior, http://www.wam.umd.edu/~pbushmil/atomized_jr/