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It’s Nice to Be A Niche Net

“The stock market may be down, consumer spending may be tightening and ad spending on the broadcast networks may be flat or down, but niche networks aren’t hurting at all, they’re only gaining viewers with their narrow focus, and ad dollars.”

Julia Boorstin, CNBC.com Media Money http://www.cnbc.com

Tru2way Is the Talk of the Town

“Also, like any other show, some booths were packed like Motorola’s and Cisco’s, but others were like a ghost town — we almost felt sorry for the Al Jazeera booth folks who were talking amongst themselves. The one thing that seemed to hold true wherever we went, was that everyone is excited about Tru2way, and not for the reasons you think. Cable really thinks it has a chance to take interactivity to the next level, and we hope they’re right.”

Ben Drawbaugh, Engadget HD http://www.engadgethd.com

Starting To Get It

“The last time I was at NCTA, I left feeling that the cable industry did not really understand the impact of the Internet on its business, nor did it fully grasp the potential threats to its existence from new digital technologies. However, I left this year’s show quite impressed by the industry’s aggressive moves to embrace things like DVRs and to make sure that the Internet becomes a key technology that is integrated into current and future business models.”

Tim Bajarin, PC Magazinehttp://www.pcmag.com

Project Canoe Up a Creek?

“To the disappointment of many, it looks like there won’t be any big news about the cable industry’s 'Project Canoe’ at the Cable Show convention in New Orleans this week. … Meanwhile, the Internet and broadband video advertising continue steaming ahead …

For those of us who have been around the interactive advertising and TV mulberry bush for many years, Canoe’s potential is exciting. But we’re hoping that the Canoe gets it in gear. Paddle on, gang.”

Mugs Buckley, Video Nuze http://www.videonuze.com/blogs