Vonage Announces Marketing, Retail Deals

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Voice-over-Internet-protocol provider Vonage Holdings Corp. announced marketing partnerships with VoIP-phone providers Linksys and NetGear Inc., as well as a retail partnership with office-supply chain Staples Inc.

The deal with Linksys, now owned by Cisco Systems Inc., centers on Vonage's broadband-telephony offering through two Linksys products: The “PAP2” phone adapter with two phone ports and the “RT31P2” broadband router with two phone ports.

The NetGear deal will include VoIP and wireless-local-area-network chip sets from Texas Instruments Inc., Vonage said. Products will include a voice-enabled 802.11g wireless router followed by a wired two-port telephone adapter/router.

The Staples deal covers 1,200 stores that will be selling Vonage's VoIP service. Staples will sell two Vonage starter kits that feature Linksys devices.