Vonage Hits 25K Sub Mark


Upstart broadband Internet telephony provider Vonage has hit the 25,000
subscriber mark, the company announced this past week.

The Edison, N.J. company, which offers customers voice service using their
broadband cable modem or digital subscriber line connection, has more than
doubled its subscriber count in four months, and is now adding more than 1,000
lines every week. It is seeing triple the call volume compared to the first

Unlike cable telephony products offered by MSOs that use a separate voice
channel, Vonage's service runs on the same data connection customers use for
their broadband Internet service.

Vonage offers a $39.99 residential flat-rate monthly package for nationwide
calls plus a $25.99 package that offer local calls and 500 minutes of long

The company also recently added plans for business customers.

"The torrent of growth we've seen not only in our customer base but also in
our call completion metrics, proves Vonage's value proposition to a marketplace
starved for alternatives to the incumbent local exchange carriers," said Jeffrey
A. Citron, chairman and CEO of Vonage, in a release.