Vonage, Motorola Link for Telephony Router


Vonage Holdings Corp. and Motorola Inc. teamed up to offer a new combination analog phone adapter and router that will allow customers to knit their Vonage Internet-telephony connection into a home network.

The Motorola “VT2442” phone adapter/router combines two digital-to-analog-adapter phone lines configured for Vonage service with a four-port Ethernet router that can connect computers, game consoles and other broadband devices in the home. It is now available at the Vonage Web site (www.vonage.com) for $19.99 after a $60 instant rebate.

The VT2442 is the latest in a group of products stemming from Vonage’s partnership with Motorola. Prior devices include the Motorola “VT 1005,” a standard Internet-telephone adaptor that converts the digital-voice signals coming in over the customer’s broadband connection into analog signals that the average home telephone can process.