Vonage in Nearly 4K RadioShack Stores


RadioShack Corp. is now offering Vonage Holdings Corp.’s voice-over-Internet-protocol service in nearly 4,000 of its retail stores across the country.

The consumer-electronics giant said it expects to add 1,600 more outlets by July.

“VoIP plays directly to the core strengths of RadioShack -- superior customer service and knowledgeable sales associates," senior vice president and chief merchandising officer Stu Asimus said in a prepared statement.

“The low yet rapidly growing number of subscribers shows that broadband-phone service is still in the early-adoption phase of the technology,” he added. “VoIP is simply not quite ready for a self-service environment.”

Added Vonage VP of retail channel sales Matt Deatrick, “We are changing the telecommunications industry with the help of one of the nation's top consumer-electronics retailers, as RadioShack's market savvy and educated sales representatives demonstrate the value of broadband-phone service to an untapped market segment.”

Vonage said it currently has more than 135,000 lines in service, and it is adding more 20,000 lines per month to that total.