Vonage Unveils New Home Router

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Vonage is adding to its equipment list, announcing a new combination router and voice-over-Internet-protocol adaptor through gear partner Motorola.

The Motorola VT2142 is a single-port router with a two-line telephone adaptor that can translate VoIP signals into analog for use with any common household phone. The device will sell for $49.99.

The new adapter-router device is part of Vonage’s strategy to provide a variety of connection options for customers. It also offers the Motorola VT1005, a stand-alone VoIP-phone adapter, and the two-line, four-port VT2442 adapter.

"Expanding our device offering with Motorola enables us to continue offering consumer-friendly, feature-rich voice-terminal technologies -- a simple way for consumers to benefit from Vonage's attractively priced, tiered calling plans,” said Daniel Smires, Vonage’s senior vice president of engineering.