Voom Sings of Singapore Pact


Rainbow Media Holdings LLC’s Voom unit announced a programming partnership with Mega Media Pte Ltd. and the Media Development Authority of Singapore at the MIPCOM trade show in Cannes, France, Monday.

The two programmers will create $20 million worth of HD programs over the next three years, to air on Rainbow’s VOOM HD Networks suite of HD channels.

“This collaboration is significant for Rainbow in that it marks the company’s first major international co-production effort, which directly supports the launch of VOOM HD Networks in the global arena,” VOOM HD Networks co-general manager Greg Moyer said in a prepared statement.

We have formed an important alliance today with a strong production partner that will help share the economic burden in bringing quality high-definition programming to the world marketplace,” Moyer added. “By combining our resources, experience and talent, Rainbow, along with the MDA and Mega Media, are taking HD to the next level.”