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VOY Plaza Portal Targets English-Dominant Latinos

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A New York-based digital-media company will launch a broadband portal targeting the English-dominant Latino population.

The portal will be the video service of VOY Plaza (www.voymusic.com), a social-networking site that has been in operation since last November. Fernando Espuelas, founder and CEO of VOY (Spanish for "I go"), said the networking site has grown to a unique user base of more than 2.6 million since its launch.

Census data indicated that there are 44.2 million Hispanics in the country, 80% of whom are English-dominant or bilingual, Espuelas said.

"The Hispanic market has bifurcated. The largest segment is born in the United States with English-language preference. As you look at the landscape, a large amount of development is being done in Hispanic media, but this segment is misunderstood. Few are targeting them," he added.

The new portal will launch with 250 hours of content, including acquired programming, content produced expressly for the Web site and user-generated content. Espuelas said the site will have a half-dozen original shows.