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Vyyo Bids for Singapore Broadband Project

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Vyyo, a maker of broadband-access equipment, is joining forces with Singapore cable operator StarHub to bid for the country’s Next-Generation National Broadband Network (Next Gen NBN) project using Vyyo’s 3-gigahertz spectrum-overlay technology.

Vyyo and StarHub said they will work together to deploy Vyyo’s 3-GHz spectrum-overlay system within the existing StarHub hybrid fiber-coaxial network, which passes 1 million homes. Singapore’s Next-Gen NBN is supposed to be capable of providing bidirectional bandwidth of up to 1 gigabit per second, according to the government’s Infocomm Development Authority.

The Vyyo system -- which is based on a prestandard version of Data Over Cable System Interface Specification 3.0 -- uses high frequencies to double downstream bandwidth and at least quadruple upstream bandwidth.

StarHub has tested channel bonding of four downstream channels using Vyyo’s products and it plans to deploy the system commercially later this year.

“As part of our ongoing upgrade to deploy ultra-high broadband access with DOCSIS 3.0, we see that Vyyo’s spectrum overlay can effectively deliver the performance Singapore needs over our existing HFC infrastructure in a more efficient manner,” StarHub senior vice president for cable, fixed and Internet-protocol services Thomas Ee said in a prepared statement.