Want Free DBS? Change Town’s Name


EchoStar Communications Corp. wants to paint the town “Dish.”

The direct-broadcast satellite provider said Tuesday that all households in the first U.S. municipality willing to change its name legally and permanently to Dish will receive free Dish Network programming for 10 years.

EchoStar said that in order to participate, the town government must agree to change the name legally and permanently on government buildings; post offices; official letterhead; schools and hospitals, if applicable; street signs, where necessary; and any other government signage that contains the city or town's name. The municipality must also file all necessary state and federal documentation, the company added.

In exchange, EchoStar will provide every household within the municipal limits one free Dish Network satellite-TV receiver, free standard installation and its “America's Top 60” programming package free-of-charge for 10 years.

“The ‘Dish City Makeover’ is an opportunity for an entire town to experience all-digital television free for 10 years while ridding themselves of cable TV's high prices and poor customer service,” EchoStar president Michael Neuman said in a prepared statement.