WAPA America Plans Fortuno Inauguration Coverage


WAPA America on Friday will provide coverage of the inauguration of Puerto Rico Governor-Elect Luis Fortuno.

The WAPA news team will present the most complete and monumental coverage by land and air, with reports from San Juan’s Capitol building and La Fortaleza (“The Fortress,” in English), the governor’s official residence, as well as aerial footage provided by the station’s supercopter. 

The news special, Transfer of Power, is scheduled to begin Jan 2. at 3 p.m. (ET), with special reporting and footage of prior inaugurations.  In addition, the showl will feature political analysis from Luís Pabón Roca and Carlos Díaz Olivo. At around 4:p.m., the station will broadcast the moment Fortuño becomes the new governor of Puerto Rico from the north staircase of the Capitol building. 

Following the inauguration, the WAPA news team will accompany the governor to his new residence, La Fortaleza in San Juan, providing detailed images from the helicopter.

Coverage of the inauguration will be simulcast on WAPA in Puerto Rico and WAPA America in the U.S.