WAPA Gets Well in Ad Game


WAPA-TV, the Puerto Rico
independent-TV station, has signed on Chrysler, Subway, AT&T, Goya, General
Mills, Wal-Mart and Glaxo as main sponsors for its upcoming Transformación Total.

The weekly reality series challenges 18 contestants to
change their health, eating and lifestyle habits.

The 15-episode program will feature 18 participants from all
parts of the island living together in a house where they will train,
participate in classes, receive advice and have to overcome various challenges.
Though most contestants will be overweight and challenged to shed pounds, WAPA
executives were careful to distance their show from NBC's popular
English-language reality offering The
Biggest Loser

"Transformación Total
is not a show about losing weight," said WAPA-TV president Joe Ramos. "It will
feature overweight people, but the transformation they will undergo has to do
with other anxieties related to weight, including depression, low self-esteem."

A point system will be based not just on weight loss, but on
emotional health and their performance in several challenges. The finalist will
win $50,000 in cash.

Ramos was high on the show's marketing potential.

"This is the quickest-selling show I've ever seen," he said.
WAPA sold eight principal advertisers in just a week.

The new program, to premiere Jan. 30, will be hosted by
former Miss Universe Zuleika Rivera. It will on Saturdays from 8 to 10 p.m. for 15 weeks on the Puerto Rico station and cable outlet WAPA