Warning! Watching 3DTV Could ‘Cause You to Crush A Nearby Object’


If you’re pregnant, drunk, tired, elderly or
out of shape — or even just easily deluded
— you probably should not be watching 3D
television, according to a Samsung warning
included in the user manuals of its new LED

Below are excerpts from the Samsung
warning included with U.S. products. One
suspects lawyers were involved. Thanks to
High-Def Digest for pointing out that Samsung

• “We don’t recommend watching 3D if you
are in bad physical condition, need sleep
or have been drinking liquor.”

• “Please take care to be aware of the
world around you. This product
is designed to be immersive. …
Being startled or deluding yourself
into thinking that the 3D images
are real may cause you to crush a
nearby object or get injured trying to move
your body.”

• “Some 3D pictures may startle viewers.
The pregnant, elderly, epileptic and those
suffering from serious physical conditions
are advised to avoid utilizing the unit’s 3D

There are others, such as a warning not
to use the 3D Active Glasses “for any other
purpose than for which it was designed.”

Forewarned is, etc.