Wave, Centeris Launch Trans-Pacific Fiber Hub

Net Pairs Centeris Data Centers With Wave Fiber to Asia

Wave Broadband has teamed up with infrastructure provider Centeris, a gigabit fiber and broadband services company on what they called the nation's first transpacific broadband data and fiber hub, combining  Centeris’ 86-acre datacenter campus south of Seattle with Wave’s broadband fiber network. 

Located at Centeris’ South Hill campus in Puyallup, Wash., the Transpacific Hub combines connectivity with industrial IT power for businesses throughout the West Coast and key Asian markets that require data computing, storage, disaster recovery, and cloud computing applications.  The TPH is made possible by Wave’s high-speed fiber network in California, Oregon, and Washington, as well as new fiber construction that connects directly to Asian markets via subsea cable systems. 

Businesses on both sides of the Pacific will have direct access to the Centeris campus, as well as all major Network Access Points and Points of Presence on the West Coast, from Southern California to Canada.  With the addition of Centeris, Wave is providing its fiber and networking backbone for more than 80 datacenters on the West Coast.  

Centeris SH has 50 megawatts of dedicated power with substantial capacity ready for service as well as direct access to Seattle’s Westin Building Exchange facilitated by Wave’s fiber network. 

“We are thrilled to introduce our Transpacific Hub in partnership with Wave, providing customers on both sides of the Pacific with easy and cost-effective access to our campus and more broadly, connectivity to all major West Coast commercial centers,” said Centeris Board Director Simon Lee in a statement. “There is strong geographic compatibility between Wave and Centeris, and we both believe that the Seattle area is an ideal location to provide the combination of data center assets, reliable and green  power and fiber needed for the Transpacific Hub.” 

Initial customers include domestic and international gaming, content, technology, logistics, ecommerce, and financial service companies.

“Integrating the power of Centeris with the connectivity of Wave provides enterprise, government and wholesale customers access to a world-class, Seattle-area facility that can also leverage data centers elsewhere or provide needed redundancy,” said Wave executive Vice President of business Patrick Knorr in a statement.  “Our alliance brings clients a range of connectivity options and scalable data center capacity, all at competitive prices."