WE Breaks Big Summer Promotion


WE: Women's Entertainment has booked 950 affiliates for its "Summer of Style," making it AMC Networks' biggest affiliate promotion to date.

Summer of Style is "specifically designed to help affiliates sell one of their most important revenue-generating units, high-speed cable-modem service," said AMC Networks executive vice president of sales and affiliate marketing Kim Martin.

WE will promote the campaign with such customizable materials as a cross-channel sweepstakes spot, as well as three other promos starring Colin Cowie, who hosts WE's Everyday Elegance
. All of them plug operators' high-speed Internet offerings.

Direct mail, posters, radio advertising and print ad slicks also have been shipped to participating systems. Consumers also can enter the sweepstakes via the network's Web site (www.we.tv.com).

The "Summer of Style Sweepstakes," set to run throughout the month of July, will have one grand-prize winner, who will get $25,000 in cash and a personal style consultation from Cowie.

Among the MSOs to run the co-branded cross-channel spots: AT&T Broadband, Adelphia Communications Corp., Cablevision Systems Corp., Charter Communications Inc., Comcast Corp,, Cox Communications Inc., Insight Communications Co., Mediacom Communications Corp. and Time Warner Cable.

Participating systems include Time Warner's New York and Minneapolis systems, Comcast in Indianapolis and Charter's St. Louis and Dallas systems.

Charter senior vice president of marketing and programming Diane Schneiderjohn lauded the WE campaign as an ideal way to support "one of our primary business goals — to sell Charter Pipeline, our high-speed Internet-access service."

WE will give a free Palm Pilot to systems that can prove they have run the sweepstakes spot 400 times during July on 10 specific cable networks. It could be given as a reward to each affiliate's top sales people, the network suggested in its kit.

Even though WE won't offer local avails until October, Martin also reminded affiliates about the promotion at AMC Networks' booth at the Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau's Local Cable Sales Management Conference late last month in Salt Lake City.