WE Reveal


Building on the success of WE Go Bridal, in 2008, the network introduced WE Reveal. This intriguing programming genre comprised of original shows reveals the lives of ordinary women at extraordinary points in their lives. From critically acclaimed series like Secret Lives of Women, to new series like Raising Sextuplets and Platinum Babies, these thought-provoking originals feature real-life stories of women whose choices have taken them down unique paths. WE Reveal programming goes beyond the conventional, and gets viewers asking what their lives would be like "if" they were in these women's circumstances.

Secret Lives of Women(Premieres August 18, 2009, Tuesdays at 10PM ET)

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An intimate look at the provocative lives some women lead. These first-person accounts of women's stories are sure to pique curiosity, leaving you to realize that you can't judge a woman by her cover.

Platinum Babies (Premieres Friday, November 6, 2009 at 10PM ET)

First comes a platinum wedding, and then comes Platinum Babies! WE tv’s all-new original series introduces viewers to adorable babies and their platinum-plated parents who will spare absolutely no expense on their little bundles of joy.